Ben & Florentine - Menu Design and Campaign 2018

Offset, billboards, digital and campaign

Project done under the supervision of Nicolas Lazin for Ben & Florentine of Imvescor Restaurant Group Inc. and MTY Food Group Inc in 2018.

Designer: Katherine Lee

Food Photography: Nicolas Lazin & Tango Photographie

On-Set Photography Assistant: Jonathan Marchand

Operations Director: Angelo Billas

Culinary Chef: Elias Berbari

Photo Retoucher: Katherine Lee

Ben & Florentine is a breakfast / lunch franchise chain with locations in Quebec, Ontario and Manitoba. It's been expanding at a very fast pace ever since it was founded in 2009.

I was assigned to redesign its menu to give it a new look. It was created to look like a magazine unlike many other available menus out there and they were printed on mat paper. Guests can also submit pictures of their experience / moments on Instagram with the help of #bfconcours for a chance to be featured in the menu.

They were done in French and in English, with a total of 4 versions (Quebec French, Quebec English, Ontario English and Manitoba English). Menus are launched twice a year with new menu items and the guests are always excited to try new meals!

The following menus are for Winter-Spring 2018 and Summer-Fall 2018. With the new menu design, many other visuals had to follow the same direction as this—placemats, table tents, printed and digital billboards, and bus ads.

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