Another Eason's life concert

It was announced that Eason Chan, a Chinese singer, will be having several stops in North America as part of his Another Eason's Life World Tour. Chinese singers usually skip Montreal and go perform in Toronto and Vancouver only. Back in 2009, on December 10th, he came to carry the Olympic Torch in downtown Montreal for the Olympic Torch Relay. At that time, he also held a small fan meeting in Chinatown and promised the fans that he will return to Montreal. He kept his promise! In April, the Luby Chinese newspaper announced that he would be holding a concert in Montreal, his first Canadian city, at the Bell Centre on December 4th.

I can't say I was a super big fan of his, but I bought tickets to go see him since I knew and liked some of his songs. I wanted to support him as well. I don't regret purchasing a ticket to his concert. The concert was a blast and I came to like him even more than I used to after his concert. He was the first Chinese to perform at the Bell Centre to a crowd of 6,000 and more waving light sticks and glow sticks.

There was a performance that I really loved! He was singing and standing in the middle of the stage throughout the entire song. He had lights falling like rain, creating a shape and moving together in the air. It was pretty impressive and inspiring!

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