Voyage à Séoul, Corée du Sud / Trip to Seoul, South Korea

Seoul, here I am!!!

I decided to treat myself a trip to South Korea as my graduation gift. After finishing with my summer job at Concordia University, I travelled alone to Seoul. It was my first time travelling alone, my first time travelling to Asia and I also attended my first concert ever!

I booked a room with a Korean family who welcomed me. I also met some new friends while I was there. They showed me around different places and made me try different food. I discovered this delicious Korean shaved ice dessert called Bingsu thanks to them! I will definitely go back to Korea in the future!

Before I left Korea, I went to visit this Korean-based company called Flitto. I met Min Hee in person for the very first time after helping and giving the team and her some feedback about their website and app via email and Skype sessions. She gave me one of their t-shirts as a souvenir.

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