9 in × 12 in
Laser and screen-printed, saddle-stitched
Prof. Nathalie Dumont

Finished the competition in second place for the design of this catalogue for the FOFA Gallery

In collaboration with
Catherine Charbonneau

Finalists under the Print Design category in the RGD Student Awards 2014

Combine is an annual exhibition which features selected works of Concordia University's Fine Arts undergraduates. This catalogue was created to illustrate and highlight the works of those students.

The pattern of our endpaper was created from the painting featured on the left page of the image that is placed on the right side of the endpaper image. The works were divided and classified by categories in alphabetical order. Under each category, all images are shown first and the descriptions second. This catalogue is bilingual. To differentiate the English text from the French text, we created a narrower column width for the English descriptive text as it is usually shorter. Regarding our small cover, it is smaller than the catalogue since the cover stock available was limited. When the catalogue is opened flat, we can see the number 13 in pink, which represents the year of the exhibition.

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