Don't Mind the Gap

Social campaign
Research, writing and conceptualization
Prof. Rhona Richman Kenneally

Coup de Coeur Award of the course

In collaboration with Catherine Charbonneau, Gabrielle Crevier,
Farah Sadek and Maisie Tran


In this age of communication, we are afraid that the art of conversation is dying. It is our responsibility, citizens of this world, to revive it. We believe that every eye contact, smile and greeting is an important gesture that should not be disregarded. Talking from individual to individual is an essential step toward shaping a better future. We believe that every person has the right to stand for themselves without being judged or stereotyped.

We believe that conversation is the key to understanding. Talking to the stranger next to us with an open-mind is the best way to experience new ideas and gain knowledge that cannot be found elsewhere. Those experiences, talk after talk, make us grow and create pillars of friendship that will support us through our lives. We don’t mind the Gap between languages, beliefs, cultures or ethnic groups. On the contrary, we embrace it to become stronger, wiser, and smarter. Don’t mind the Gap is a mindful practice that every citizen of this world is welcome to take part in. Don’t mind the Gap practitioners can use a simple personalized paper clip as a reminder for themselves of their effort in building a nourishing community. The paper clip is not worn to make a loud statement against authorities. It is not a symbol; it is part of the practice.

We believe in a slow revolution that starts with understanding and spreads with knowledge to solve problems between individuals and create a strong international community.

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