4.375 in × 11.5 in
Laser, handbound
Prof. Nathalie Dumont

Working with the concept of growth to illustrate that I accumulate new layers when I learn new things, and that I grow as a designer from the things I read, hear or see, this portfolio book was developed and created to present the projects that I made.

The cover illustrates the different projects that we can find in this portfolio book. When this narrow book is opened, it reveals images of the first project in a similar way as shown on the cover. The different page sizes represent the layers I accumulate from acquiring new knowledge. To let the reader play and discover the different projects illustrated in this book, it has three types of pages. The first type, the reader must turn the short pages to complete certain images. The second type, the reader must turn small flaps to complete an image. The last type, the reader can turn the pages as if they were reading an ordinary book. To separate one project from another and to create a certain break between each project, small red pages are used. To stand out from other portfolios, I opted for a narrow format.

My business cards were created vertically to go with the narrow portfolio book size and have multiple layers to go with the concept. As for my visual identity, two superimposed lines form the first letter of my name, meaning that I mix and use the different skills and abilities I have acquired throughout the years, and put them into practice in my work.

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