Toronto Kpop Con - Website, Social Media, Video and Print

Digital, videos and laser

Design & Video Editing: Katherine Lee

Web Developer: Banamedia

Event Photos: Courtesy of Droo Photographer

Toronto Kpop Con was going in it's 3rd year (2017) and it needed a proper website to communicate information to its attendees. It contains useful information such as the program, schedule, list of guests and exhibitors, artists from South Korea, convention pass(es) and fanmeet tickets, and much more. Potential sponsors, exhibitors and performers would also be consulting the website for more details.

Using the shape of Toronto as the base of this concept, it's the place to be! Where all the action and buzz will be taking place over the convention weekend. Fans from all over will be gathering there for some fun and exciting time with other Kpop fans and most importantly the South Korean artists.

The whole look was used for other digital and print mediums of Toronto Kpop Con 2017.

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